Cemetery Commission

Mission Statement

The Cemetery Commission preserves and protects town cemeteries. They oversee all repairs to stone markers and maintenance of the grounds. There are five Cemeteries within the town of Dunstable. They all are historic sites dating back to the early days of Dunstable.

Central Cemetery is a public, nonsectarian cemetery open to all Dunstable residents. Lots in the Central Cemetery are sold as 1, 2, 3, or 4 grave lots. The cost is $250 per grave which includes the cost of Perpetual Care. Lots may be purchased by current household members or former residents of Dunstable. The Meeting House Hill Cemetery, located on the east end of Main Street, and the Rideout Cemetery on Fletcher Street are both closed to further burials. The Swallow Cemetery on Brook Street and the Blood Cemetery on River Street have limited remaining lots which are available to members of those families.

Three elected Commissioners govern the Cemetery Department. An appointed Superintendent handles maintenance and interments in the cemeteries. The operating budget comes from Annual Town Meeting appropriations, fees, and Trust Fund interest. The Cemetery Commissioners ask that lot owners and visitors take note of and follow posted rules regarding hours, plantings, decorations, etc. These rules are designed to maintain the beauty and dignity of our Cemeteries. They also ensure economy and safety in cemetery maintenance, particularly where power equipment is used.


Susan K. Psaledakis

Secretary, Commissioner


Susan Tully



Catherine O. Irzyk