Voter Registration

To register to vote in Massachusetts, you must be:

A U.S. citizen, a resident of Massachusetts, and at least 18 years old on or before the next election.

Who needs to show ID?

A voter who registered by mail on or after January 2003, and who has not registered previously in Massachusetts, whose identification number on their registration form could not be verified and who did not provide a copy of their ID when they registered.

Valid Identification:

Must contain name and address as registered.  Examples include driver's license, bank statement, government check, utility bill, rent receipt on landlord's letterhead, etc.

Registering to vote online, by mail or in person:

For information on registering to vote online, in person or by mail or by changing your voter registration online, please click here.

To determine your voter status:

To determine your voter status, where to vote, etc., please click here.

Inactive Voter:

For information on why you may be designated as "Inactive Voter" please click here.

To find your voter registration status:

Please click here.