Winter Weather Closings

Town of Dunstable
Snow / Inclement Weather Closure Policy

Voted by Board of Selectmen on February 20, 2018

Safety is the primary concern of the Town. In consultation with the Police and Highway Departments it will be determined when it is appropriate to close, have a delayed opening, or early closure of the Town Hall and Library.

Following this guideline the Town Administrator will contact the Highway Superintendent, Fire Chief, and Police Chief to determine the safety of the roads for traffic.

If it is deemed that closure, delayed opening, or early closure is in the best interest of the community, the Town Administrator will update the website, contact staff, and notify the news media, in most cases by 6:00am on the day of the weather event.

When the Town Hall and Library close under these guidelines, the employees will receive pay for the closed day or portion of a day that falls under their usual work schedule.

All Boards and Committees should note that when the Town Hall or Library has been closed for the day, due to inclement weather, meetings for that day or evening would also be cancelled. If there is a delayed opening, evening meetings will still occur. If there is an early closure, evening meetings will be cancelled.

On occasion, the Town Administrator, in consultation with the board or committee Chair, may allow a meeting to be held even when the office is closed. All updates in this regard will be posted on the website.