Town Hall to Reopen to Public on 7/7/20 / Annual Town Meeting on 7/30/20

The Board of Selectmen held an Emergency Meeting to address the COVID-19 situation and the orders of Governor Baker and moved to officially declare a Local State of Emergency as of 3 pm on 3/16/20. The Board of Selectmen also moved to close the Town Hall to the public.On 4/29/20 the Board of Selectmen determined to continue the closure of the Town Hall to the public. This closure was continued as part of the towns conformance to Governor Baker's latest orders and his current reopening plan. Revaluation and adjustment of these responses to the pandemic are made in joint meetings between the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Health.

Assuming the current downward trend in new cases continues through the remainder of Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Governor’s reopening plan, it is expected the Town Hall will reopen to the public on 7/7/20. Town Hall employees will continue to alternate between working remotely and working in the Town Hall. As always employees remain available via email and by phone wherever possible. Contact information for officials and departments may be found on the appropriate corresponding pages of the town website. The Board of Selectmen have called for the Annual Town Meeting to be held at 7 pm on 7/30/20 at Larter Field. Further information such as the official ATM Warrant and other documentation will be released starting the week of 7/6/20.

To see the latest official statement from the Board of Selectmen please click here. To see the notice for the re-opening of the Town Hall please click here.

Dunstable Fire, Police, and Highway Departments also remain operational and prepared to address issues that may arise regarding the COVID-19 threat. The Dunstable Police department is available to conduct welfare checks and address imminent needs for local residents.