Board of Selectmen

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 10:00am

BOARD/COMMITTEE/COMMISSION:         Board of Selectmen

DATE SUBMITTED TO TOWN CLERK:     Monday, May 18, 2020

MEETING DATE:   Wednesday, May 20, 2020       TIME:  10:00 AM

LOCATION:    Dunstable Town Hall, 511 Main Street, Dunstable, MA

                        (Held Virtually)

Topics the Chair Reasonably Anticipates will or could be Discussed:


Note:   All topic placement & times are estimated and may vary tremendously from projections


10:00             1.           Call to Order

                       2.           Appointments

See attached list

                       2.           New Business

COVID-19 Updates through Emergency Management Team & Director*

Budget Update for FY21 & 1/12th Budget

Vacation Carryover

Executive Session – Pursuant to MGL Chap. 39A, §21(a), Clause 6

Executive Session – Pursuant to MGL Chap. 30A, §21(a), Clause 3

11:10             3.           Old Business

11:15             4.           Minutes – May 6, 2020

11:20             5.           Adjourn

*Votes likely to be taken                                  

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(Note: This listing of matters reflects those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.)

ACTION ITEMS: See scheduled agenda items.



Appointments – Staff, Committee’s, Boards, & Commissions                                May 20th, 2020

Name                                               Appointed Staff Title                                 Term Expiration

Shawn Murray                                 Interim Fire Chief                                                 2020*

Brian M. Palaia                                 ADA Coordinator                                                 2021

Dana Barnes                                     Building Inspector                                                 2021

Henry Fontaine                                 Alternate Building Inspector                                  2021

Dana Barnes                                     Zoning Enforcement Officer                                  2021

Henry Fontaine                                Alternate Zoning Enforcement Officer                    2021

Joseph Dean                                     Veterans Services Officer                                      2021

James L. Dow                                  Gas & Plumbing Inspector                                     2021

John Cryan                                       Alternate Gas & Plumbing Inspector                      2021

Peter Martin                                     Electrical Inspector                                                2021

David G. Sweet II                             Alternate Electrical Inspector                                 2021

John Greenhalgh                              Animal Control Officer                                         2021

Jakob K. Voelker                              Assistant Treasurer                                                2021

Jakob K. Voelker                              Assistant Tax Collector                                         2021

Susan Bresnick                                 Assistant Town Accountant                                   2021

Jon Crandall                                     Emergency Management Director                          2021

Robert Kennedy                               Fence Viewer & Field Driver                                 2021

Bonnie Ricardelli                             Treasurer/Collector                                                2023


Name                                               Committee/Commission/Board                  Term Expiration

Joe Dean                                          Memorials & Monuments                                      2021

Dana Metzler                                   Memorials & Monuments                                      2021

Alan Chaney                                    Memorials & Monuments                                      2021

Phil DeNyse                                     Memorials & Monuments                                      2021

James E. Tully                                  Board of Selectmen Rep. to NMCOG                     2021

Leah D. Basbanes                             Board of Selectmen Designee to CPC                     2021

Carol Bacon                                     Historical Commission Designee to CPC                2021

George J. Basbanes                           Planning Board Designee to CPC                           2021

Tiffany Naughton                             Parks Comm. Designee to CPC                              2021

Alan Chaney                                    Affordable Housing Committee                             2021

John DeNyse                                    Affordable Housing Committee                             2021

Carol Bacon                                     Affordable Housing Committee                             2021

Jon Hughes                                      Affordable Housing Committee                             2021

Alan Chaney                                    Affordable Housing Designee to CPC                     2021

Joan Simmons                                  Community Preservation Committee - At Large      2023

Charles W. Tully, Jr.                         Agricultural Commission                                       2023

Alan Chaney                                    Town Forest Committee                                        2023

James McManus                               Council on Aging                                                  2023

Alan Chaney                                    Conservation Commission                                     2025

Ronald Lamarre                                Zoning Board of Appeals – Full Member                2025


*This appointment is a 3 month extension to allow the town further time to conduct a job search. Thus the date of term expiration would be September 30, 2020.

Please note that terms end on June 30th of the year specified under “Term Expiration” unless otherwise specified.