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Welcome to Inspections & Permitting.  Here you will find information on the permitting & inspection process for Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, and Sheet Metal permits. 

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Permitting in Dunstable

Why do I need to obtain a permit? 

Plumbing & Gas: The plumbing code requires that a licensed plumber/gas fitter perform all plumbing and gas work and receive a permit from the Building/Inspection Department. This includes replacing faucets, boilers, hot water heaters and gas appliances etc.inspection

Electrical: While a homeowner is allowed to do electrical work in their own home, we strongly encourage a licensed electrician be hired since there are constant changes in the electrical code. Keep in mind that the plumber/gas fitter replacing your water heater is not an electrician and should not be wiring the new fixture. Homeowners may check that a contractor has a license by checking the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure and/or the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety websites.

Building: Building permits are also required for all new construction as well as for new roofs, windows, siding, accessory structures, and pools. The homeowner may act as the general contractor but if you are hiring a licensed contractor, he/she should pull the permit for you. If you act as your own contractor, you are responsible for all the work.

Heating: With rising fuel costs, wood stoves and pellet stoves are becoming popular choices to help reduce heating costs. These require a permit and the stove needs to be inspected prior to use to ensure it was properly installed.

inspectionWhen the proper permits are obtained, you are assured the contractor you have hired is licensed and will not try to take short cuts or do inferior work. Mistakes can happen and things can be easily overlooked. At the completion of the job, a professional inspector will give a final inspection of the contractor's work, making sure the work has been done to code.

A homeowner's insurance policy may not cover claims on any work done without a permit or by an unlicensed contractor.

If a contractor is doing work without a permit, you take the risk of a Stop Work Order being issued, thus holding up the progress of the job. Work done without a permit may also result in double permit fees and/or a fine.

Important Requirements for Permit Issuance:

  • All permit applications must be accompanied by copies of applicable license(s).
  • Be sure to include the appropriate Department of Industrial Accidents Affidavit (DIA Ins Affidavit). (BCPE for Building Permits, Etc. and General for Home Occupation Permits, Etc.)
  • If applicable, please make sure to attach certificate(s) of insurance and pay permit fee(s) (online, by mail, or in person)  with your application to eliminate any delay.
  • For Building Permits relating to new construction it is advised that you still contact the Board of Health directly to arrange to appear before them for approval of septic and well designs.

Inspections in Dunstable

After the work has been completed, the job must be inspected – occasionally at several stages.  This is why having the proper permit in place is critical.  Not arranging for the proper inspections is a code violation.  Your property insurance may be jeopardized, for example.  The Board of Assessors will see the completed work at some point, which may result in fines and taxes due.  So it’s important to remember:  the project isn’t complete until the final inspection has been done. When the job is complete, it's your responsibility to contact the appropriate Inspector to schedule final inspection.  A list of Inspectors and their contact information can be found below. 

The cost of obtaining a permit is to your benefit.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dana E. Barnes Building Inspector (978) 649-4514 Ext. 226
Peter Martin Electrical Inspector (978) 419-2696
John Cryan Gas & Plumbing Inspector (978) 433-2801